New scientific achievement from University of Diyala..

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21/12/2014 9:46 AM

Continuously  supported  by  the president  of  diyala university  prof. Dr. Abbas  Fadhil  al-

Dulaimi.And  according to the supported   that    accredited   by effort s  college  deans  Dr.  DhiaAbd  Mohammed

In an effort to gain  access  to the world   in  the  field  of  scientific  researche  and  pursuit

Of Diyala  Journal   of  agricultural..

Which resulted in access to advanced  positions  between   sound  scientific 

Journals   in  international  forums  through  the  magazine  for  high  impact  factor  of  4,718  

According  to  ISRA.

This higher  rating  and  high  markes  obtained  by  the  magazaine  because  its  academic  reputation and  global  scientific   research  published in.


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