Rehabilitation and Employment Division


Through our vision of the urgent need of students and graduates and their continued desire to improve their abilities and develop their skills to qualify for the labor market and promotion in grades, the University of Diyala decided to establish a rehabilitation and employment and follow-up to help these resources and human resources to qualify for the labor market.

Objective of the Division of Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up:

1. The Division aims to develop the personal, scientific and life skills of students and graduates in a modern and in line with the labor market.

2 - Prepare students and graduates of all faculties of Diyala University for the job market and increase the chances and rate of their access to jobs by holding links and useful relations with the local community and business owners and surrounding areas where appropriate job opportunities may be available.

3 - Increase the competitiveness of the graduate of the University of Diyala by providing basic training that qualify him and provide him with the skills necessary to search for a job and raise the degree of awareness of the needs of the labor market and change continuously to increase their ability to enter the labor market and compete strongly.

4. The Rehabilitation and Employment Division also aims to train students and graduates in the skills needed to succeed in the work environment, which requires continuous study of changes in the market, which entails continuous updating in the programs presented.

5 - Provide programs specialized in areas required by the nature of the functions available in different areas to raise competitive capacity.

6 - Establish strong relationships with employers to get the greatest amount of training and employment opportunities for students and graduates of the University of Diyala.

7 - Qualifying trainees to develop ambitious and realistic goals and make informed decisions and design appropriate work plans to measure and evaluate performance.

8- To facilitate the recruitment process for trainees as well as for employers to provide the necessary capabilities and requirements in the right place.

9 - Provide the necessary means by appropriate means to ensure the continuation of work in the Division of rehabilitation and employment and follow - up.

Message of Rehabilitation, Recruitment and Follow-up Division:

The Division aims to provide specialized services to students in the form of training programs and courses designed to suit the needs and requirements of the labor market in light of actual market needs study. The Division also provides guidance services to students regarding the available jobs, which will be announced by the Division in a timely manner. Where influential figures in the labor market can benefit and advise students.

Strategy of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division:

To study the needs of the labor market in a continuous manner to follow changes in the society and its needs while affecting the employment opportunities available to graduates from all faculties of the University of Diyala. Based on this study, the appropriate training programs that qualify students of Diyala University and its graduates to capture the available employment opportunities are designed and presented.

Functions of the Rehabilitation, Recruitment and Follow-up Division:

Training and qualifying the students with additional skills for the purpose of integrating them into the labor market by holding training workshops in this field.

Assist in recruiting graduates by contacting private and government companies to find employment opportunities that suit their aspirations and gain academic experience in their universities and training experience in the rehabilitation, employment and follow-up people.

Coordinating and setting up job fairs in cooperation with private and governmental companies for the purpose of communicating with them by graduate students.

Follow-up graduates after employment and to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their performance and to submit periodic reports to their colleges on the amendment of the curriculum as required by the labor market.

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