The Faculty members at the College of  Basic Education in cooperation with the Iraqi Association organized a training workshop to explain  Curricula and Methods of Teaching Educational Branch of Diyala. The workshop held for faculty members on the subject of multimedia and its uses in the educational process in the sound and multimedia laboratory at the College of Basic Education.

      The workshop aims to introduce Multimedia that is a popular term. Also, it refers to the use of several different media (ex. text, sound, graphics, animation, video, and interactive applications) to deliver content interactively to achieve one or more specific information objectives.

      The workshop discussed the multimedia classifications. According to this workshop divided the multimedia into two parts, linear and nonlinear. The linear content is often presented without any interaction between it and a user, such as cinema. However, a non-linear interaction is used to display media such as electronic games and computer self-training and hypermedia.

       The workshop addressed the main characteristics of the multimedia media presentations that can be displayed by someone on the stage, a data show, transmitted or posted by an application program. However, the second type includes multimedia games and simulations can be used in a physical environment with special effects, with many users on the Internet and with a local computer or with a game system.

      The workshop explained the uses and applications that  can use multimedia in various fields such as advertising, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business, scientific research, and spatial-temporal applications.

      Finally, the workshop concluded by identifying the most prominent multimedia applications in the educational process, which can be limited to six groups:( tests, educational entertainment programs, encyclopedias and dictionaries, global education systems, specialized education systems, universities and colleges of the internet, E-mail) — also, video conferencing, video conferencing press, interactive journalism, digital journalism can classify from multimedia.