The journal of Al-Fatah at the College of Basic Education in the University of Diyala obtained the Arab impact factor and Citation (ARIFF) for Arabic journals specialized in all fields of human knowledge. It was launched by the Digital Arabic Database in Amman, Jordan, by 0.0482.

 This achievement comes within the framework of a series of outstanding scientific achievements at the international, regional and local levels that are achieving by the dean of the College and supervisor of the journal  (the Assist. Prof. Haidar Shaker Mezher). He achives a lot of the scientific achievements for the college and journal during the time of his administration.

Depend on the Knowledge Base collects and studies data that took from more than (4000) titles of scientific, research Arab journals in various disciplines. They published in Arabic, English, French or multi-languages, and they issued by more than (1400) scientific or research bodies in 20 Arabic countries except for Djibouti and Comoros for lack of data. Three hundred sixty-two scientific journals were approved only to be adopted in the Arab Criterion of Impact factor and Citation in the 2018 report.

Therefore, Al-Fatah Journal for Educational and Psychological Sciences issued by the University of Diyala - college of Basic Education has succeeded in obtaining the standards of accreditation of the Arab Standards of Impact factor and Citation (ISRIF). That is for the international standards that are more than 31 criteria. For more details https: //e-/