The College of Basic Education  rganized a specialized online workshop entitled (Religious Exaggeration and Ideological Extremism, Causes and Treatments From an Educational Perspective).

The workshop aimed at analyzing the causes of this dangerous phenomenon, Dr.Qahtan Hamid Kazem outlined the main solutions from educational perspective. The workshop shed light on the important role of the educational institutions in determination of ideological and social growth trends. The workshop also emphasized the rejection of this phenomenon and that the enemies of Islam are those who seek to attach the extremism and terrorism to Islam with the aim of distorting his image.

In addition, the workshop identified the main causes of ideological extremism by: igrorance, weakness of human foresight, and misunderstanding of the truth of religion. The workshop also emphasized the role of the Muslim family in facing such a phenomenon by offering a convenient family atmosphere, helping family members with choosing their friends, observing their behavior and keeping them away from evil friendships.