Prof. Dr. Haitham Ahmad Al-Zubaidi a faculty at the department of educational and psychological sciences did participate with a paper entitled (The Psychological And Social Effects of Domestic Violence) in an online symposium about Domestic Violence held by the College of Education at Misan University.

Dr. Haitham Ahmad Al-Zubaidi in his paper outlined that violence against woman has various traces on her like: loss of self- confidence, feeling of guilt about the actions she does, her feeling of reliance on man, her feeling of frustration, helplessness, depression, humiliation and insultion.   

Moreover, the paper discussed the psychological effects of violence, abuse and neglect on children which might lead to the child's death. Most of the time abused children under unbearable fear and pain which cause frequent bodily injuries, Learning disorders, fear or shyness, nightmares, behavior disturbance, depression, and fear of adults or places. Furthermore, the study found that children's exposure to negative and unsafe situations leads to a change at their normal growth process that affects greatly their ability to communicate and interact with others which influences health of their relationships during different stages of their lives.