Seeking the attainment of the UNESCO Chair, the Chairman of the Central Committee for the UNESCO Chair in Diyala Unversity, Prof. Muhammad Yusuf Hajim, visited the College of Administration and Economics to discuss the committee’s work mechanism and the most important requirements to achieve this goal.

The head of the committee explained the most important steps which were adopted by the committee as a part of our university procedure to attain the UNESCO Chair, where the human right were adopted as our university domain to fulfill the goal which is expected to happen at 2023. From his side,  Prof. Dr. Mahdi Saleh Dawai, the dean expressed his willingness to cooperate with the committee and  nominated  Assistant Professor Alia Hussein Khalaf to coordinate in this regard.

It is worth to be mentioned that the UNESCO Chair is an international program adopted by this organization  which gives a donation to universities which adopts  programs that serve sociaty.