Professor AbdulMonem Abbas Karim the president of Diyala University visited the male students’ dormitories and listened to their issues. The aim of his journey which was accompanied by Director of the university dormitories Mr. Jafar Hassan and Director of Follow-up and Coordination department Mr. Amar Musa, was to assure that the student needs were fulfilled especially under the conditions of COVID-19.

The University President addressed his students saying ((We are happy to see you back to the college seats because, you are the light of our scientific edifice)) he also praised the student’s adaptation with the changes in the learning process and the new e-learning program which was imposed by the COVID-19 disease, affirming that the university council stands ready to support and assist them, in return they should support each other and stay save by raising each other health awareness. The students, on the other hand did confirm that they are ready to take the final examination expressing their gratitude to the university presidency for their care and support.  It is worth to be mentioned that Diyala university was one of the forerunners who managed to Reduce public health risks by applying the health procedures related to the students housing at dormitories. Finally, the university president met the guards of the university colleges and praise their efforts in accomplishing the duties which are assigned to them.