Diyala University Council held its 14th  open session on Wednesday the 21th of April, and discusses a number of issues which are listed on its agenda. During the session the president of the University Prof. Abdel Monim Abbas Kerim, stressed the importance of the commitment the protection procedures to face corona virus from the side of the teaching staff and students which keep them safe.  His excellency also emphasized the roll of the faculty deanships serious and resolute handling of the situation pointing out that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research had provided the universities with the essential sanitizers which will be soon available to the faculties in order to guarantee a healthy environment.

As a part of the session agenda, the university council gave the title (professor) to five of the university teaching staff after reviewing their transaction by chairman of the University Central Promotion Committee, Professor Mohamed Yusuf.  The university council also assigned the Language and Translation Office which is located at the Faculty of Education for the Human sciences a new chairman and members. In addition, the Council discussed several students issues particularly those which are related to study transferring and extension, then the council made a number of decisions in accordance with the regulations and instructions.