Following the policy of cooperation among the Iraqi universities, Diyala University Central Library in cooperation with The Middle Technical University organizes a scientific symposium under the title (Information services in libraries). The seminar contained three axes. The first axe which was presented by Dr. Lama Fakher Abdul Razzaq, a faculty at  AL -Zarqa University - Jordan addressed the importance of activating the role of the counselor in encouraging reading and supporting the scientific research movement. The second axis which was presented by Dr. Fatima Al-Samarrai, a faculty at the Department of Library and Information - Irbid University College in which she explained the management of Internet content to facilitate access to information sources on the Internet. The third axis, which was presented by Dr. Thanaa Al-Ibrashi, a librarian at the Central Technical University explained the importance of making the modern mechanisms available to beneficiaries.  Finally, the fourth axis which was presented by Dr. Salam Jassim Abdullah Al-Ezzi the general secretory of Central Library at the University of Diyala in which he addressed the role of university libraries in dealing with the difficult circumstances which were imposed by the Corona pandemic. through which many libraries (including Diyala University library) were able to achieve satisfaction by their online services by promoting the role of information institutions and lending books to a knowledge center which in return, provides a number of online information services for researchers and students.