The department of chemistry at the college of science recently held a workshop in which the risks of Chemicals, Detergents, and Some Fresheners used at houses were discussed. The workshop which was presented by Dr. Janan Mohamed Mahmood and lecturer Rong Bahman Juma explained the harmful effects of exposure to those materials. Materials that are constantly used at houses for instance: Cleaning powders, sanitizers, cosmetics, pesticides, incense, as well as cigarette smoke.

Eventually, some tips and recommendations to prevent and reduce the harm resulting from the usage of these materials were introduced, those tips included: trying to be careful when buying detergents and trying to choose the kinds that are free of volatile organic and chemical substances or that ingredients which help to ignite, as they often harm the lungs and hands, also, avoid mixing different detergents with each other, and try to dilute them with water when used.