On Tuesday evening, Diyala University Council held its 15th meeting session to discuss fire safety procedures with the summer coming in addition to several issues on its agenda. During the session, the President of the University of Diyala, Dr. Abdel Monim Abbas Kerim, stressed the Instructions implementation of his excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Nabil Kasem Abdel Sahib which keeps our students and public property safe, especially with the summer approaching when emergency accidents as a result of high temperatures are frequent.

In the same vein, the university president pointed out the importance of sticking to the safety procedures including following up with the civil defense guards, periodic up keeping of electrical devices and wires, separating electricity from buildings when office hours are over, periodic visits to dormitories, laboratories and student clubs and monitoring their implementation and providing them with all safety requirements, including fire-extinguisher. His Excellency also directs the media and public relations section to launch an awareness-raising campaign on procedures that can be followed to avoid fire incidents and ordered the formation of civil defense committees and structures to carry out these actions.

The council also discussed many items of their agenda, including the financial plans of the 2021 yearly budget and their implementation following the Council's vision for the year, the ways of encouraging researchers to publish in journals that fall within the Scopes Reservoir, particularly the Q1, Q2 class, for their importance for the University's global ranking, setting a schedule for the fourth stage students to take graduation photographs in such a way as to ensure their safety and setting a university anthem and launching a competition involving poets from the University and abroad to select the anthem words which must be appropriate to the University's achievements and active role in society.

At the end of the session, the council members discussed the rest of the issues on their agenda, the most important of which were proposals for the establishment of committees to oversee the evening study, and adopted several decisions following the rules and powers granted.