Faculty of Education for the Humanities Ph.D. student Ghazi Al - Tahi issued his new critical book (Sultans of sayings ... Poets preach life and defend freedom) for the Iraqi union for the literaries and writers.

The book included articles about a few 20th-century well-known poets, like Maarouf Abdul Ghani Al-Rasavi, Hussain Mardan, Muhammad Mahdi AL-Jawahiri, Abdul Wahab AL-Bayati, Raad Abdel Qader, Kazar Hantoush, Sargon Pulse, Khaled Abdul Redha AL-Saadi, Mohammed Saeed AL-Sakar, Abu AL-Qassem AL-Shabi, Nizar Qabbani, Abdullah AL-Bardouni, Muhammed AL-Maghout, Mahmoud Darwish and others. It is worth to be mentioned that the book consisted of 378 pages, and the introduction was written by Prof. Fadel Abd Tamimi.