The statistics of  The Second International Conference for Online Learning which was organized by the ministry of higher education and scientific research revealed that Diyala University has presided the Iraqi universities in the continuing education domain. Diyala University's achievement along with Al-Qadisiyah University was earned through the number of webinars, online lectures, and courses held by the Continuing Education Center.

Professor Abdul Monem Abbas Karim the president of Diyala University said: "Since we started the online classes due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the Continuing Education Centre did increase its efforts and take the maximum benefit of the E-applications available. Those extra efforts pushed our university towards the forefront of e-learning activities". His Excellency also added:  "As we bless our students' achievement, we call on them to continue with the same spirit which pushes the educational process successfully forward in our beloved country".

For his part, Dr. Saad Muhammad Ali Shehadeh, the Director of Continuing Education Centre said:  "This achievement is a clear indication of the consistent commitment to the guidance of the President of our university, and to the policy of the University Council in providing the necessary scientific services like webinars, online workshops, and training courses which were presented via Zoom and FCC platforms and other E-Applications having researchers and faculties from various world universities participating".

In the same vein, the Coordinator of the Ministerial team for E-learning Dr. Amer Al Ameer did appreciate the success and achievement of Diyala University at the E-Learning level and following up with its student's online classes and exams.