On Monday the third of May Diyala University President, Prof. Abdul Monem Abbas Karim inaugurated an art carnival which was held in the faculty of arts. The carnival included paintings, sculptural works, and handmade works.   The university president said: "As we see these creative pieces of arts that reflect the fascinating details of beauty, nature, reality, and heritage we feel proud and happy". His Excellency added: "As we see the students' artworks, we feel the spirit of challenge and determination to keep on the learning process despite the covid-19 restrictions ".  His excellency also blessed the faculty deanship, teaching staff, and students for their success in integrated teaching.  

For his part, Dr. Alaa Shakir Mahmood, the Dean of the College of Fine Arts, stated that the College believes in the message that art transmits as a mean of creativity and the development of everyday talents and part of the formation of one's personality, so that, during the years in which students are taught, the College develops their aesthetic outlook and their sense of artistic tools then unleash their minds to create unique ideas in life not only in painting and art.

The carnival which presented dozens of paintings and a large number of hand mad works also held a tribute ceremony to honor Professor Dr. Aad Mahmoud Hamadi for his retirement after years of scientific and administrative service in the college.