To revive the traditions of love and humility, Diyala University president Prof. Abdul Monem Abbas Karim visits his employees and offers congratulations on the Eid occasion. His Excellency addressed his the university and faculties employees saying: "As we celebrate these blessed days we feel happy to offer the most beautiful words of congratulations, blessed with thanks and praise for your commitment to your duties despite the hard circumstances imposed by covid-19, it was you who faced the challenges with great solidarity, tolerance, and compassion, your efforts kept our university at the highest ranks. Without your efforts, success would not have been possible, and the goals would not have been achieved, you are the basis for this university elevation and progress, and it is you who hold the torch of success and development".  

Finally, His Excellency asked the almighty God to preserve our beloved people and their relatives in general and the family of higher education and scientific research in particular from the evil of the Corona epidemic which uncovered your highest values of cohesion and cooperation and expressed your national will to coexist and protect health security.