On Tuesday, the 22nd of June the University faculties had finished the competitive test for students applying for higher studies (Ph.D., MA, H Diploma) according to the time limits set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

In His Excellency's word when the competitive test came to an end The President of Diyala University, Dr. Abdel Monim Abbas Kerim, said "We are happy as we approach the end of the competitive tests, which are considered as a real criterion for the admission of applicants to graduate studies. Diligence and commitment of students to prevention and safety measures that we have seen during our mandated tours give positive indications of the success of these tests. ,

His Excellency also called the examination committees to expedite the declaration of the results within the time frame set by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research which will be on Thursday the 24th of June. In addition, his Excellency appreciated the effort which ensured the success of this scientific carnival, represented by the follow-up of Professor Amer Mohamed, the Director of Higher Studies the Department Dr. Wejdan Numan Rashid,  the colleges' deans, the examination committees, and all the teaching staff, wishing everyone the best of luck and success.

It is worth to be mentioned that his Excellency tour of the day included examinations at the faculty of Basic Education and the faculty of Education for Humanities.