On Wednesday the 23th of June, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research organized a celebration of Iraqi science Day to honor scientists and universities whose institutions have achieved competitive positions in global classifications.

His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdul Sahib, confirmed during the ceremony of honoring the winners of the University of Al-Nahrin: Demonstrating the efforts of teachers, researchers, and students who have contributed to the achievement of the goals of higher education in Iraq, insisting on global competition and addressing quality mechanisms that are responsive to the requirements and at the same time accommodate the multiple and renewed needs of society, adding: Iraqi universities and colleges have achieved positive and visible results in competing with their Arab, regional and global counterparts.  His excellency also He expressed his confidence in the universities and their staff and asked them to take responsibility for meeting the current challenges and mitigating their effects so that university institutions could perform their functions in the service of society and absorb the indicators of the growing population.

For his side, our university president Dr. Abdul Monim Abbas Karim, who attended the ceremony, said: “ The Iraqi Science Day represents a bright point in the course of higher education because of the creative minds who participated in it, with their noble and innovative contributions to society.  Noting that the university of Diyala's share of the Days awards is evidence of the correct scientific approach and keeping up with scientific developments Expressing his pride of the Ministry of Higher Education represented by His Excellency the Minister and, he blessed all the universities of our beloved Iraq on this special day.

In this context, the minster representative for Scientific Research, Dr. Yassin Aithawi, and the Director-General of the Research and Development affairs, Dr. Ihab Nagy Abbas, outlined the evaluation paths and criteria for the Iraqi Science Day Awards of the one thousand, nine hundred and thirty-eight contributions in the fields of medical, health, engineering, technological, pure, agricultural, social and human sciences.

It worth to be mentioned that the University of Diyala has received the award for Best Book by  Dr. Aliyah Ma'an Abdul Hamid a faculty at the College of Pure Sciences, while the students (Ahmed Salim Karim - Tamara Hussain - Jamila Qahtan - Dhali Salah) had received the awards for the most outstanding graduation research.