Dr.  Abdel Monim Abbas Karim The university president, inaugurates the College of Fine Arts annual art festival with the presence of the Iraqi artist Dr. Jabbar Judy and the great Iraqi artist Dr. Mahmoud Abu Abbas under the banner "Our Students Paintings are Messages of Love and Peace."

At the opening ceremony of the festival which lasted for two days, the university president said: our students are encouraged to innovate in their career by the presence of qualified professors who are able to refine talent and communicate artistic skills in ways that are associated with academic materials. The artwork that we have seen today in many fields indicates the building of a generation of self-confidence and creativity, as well as a generation that is open, ponderous, tolerant and that cherishes human values and its national identity. He appreciated the efforts of the College of Fine Arts and its professors and its request to show the bright artistic aspect of our university and our governorate.

For his part, the Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Professor Ala Shakir Mahmood, explained: This festival, which was held in cooperation with the Department of Student Activities of the Presidency of the University, is an annual tradition established by the College and is based on the vision, message and goals of the University in supporting the talents of students and placing their energies in the service of society.

The artists who attended the festival expressed their happiness at the excellence they saw in the performance, which led to the creation of works of art in which messages of love and peace were sent to the world.

The President of the University honored the artist Mahmoud Abu Abbas, as well as the Iraqi Satellite Channel and the staff members who contributed to the success of the preparations for the festival.

On the sidelines of the festival, a scientific, artistic and cultural letter of understanding was signed between the College of Fine Arts and the Association of Iraqi Artists, which ensures that the parties can undertake joint artistic projects and exchange experiences to develop the artistic career.