The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Monim Abbas Karim, met on Tuesday, the 7th of July the delegation of the Ministry of Industry to discuss the possibility of supporting university graduates in establishing their industrial projects.

During the meeting with the delegation headed by Ms. Huda Kassem Khazahal, his Excellency said: We value the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to support and employ young graduates seeking employment opportunities, encourage them to establish industrial projects, and provide them with the necessary facilities. We stress the support of the Presidency of the University of Diyala in all its forms for this initiativeAffirming the support of the Presidency of the University of Diyala for this initiative, because of its importance in providing service to the community, and our beloved country. His excellency also stressed the importance of organizing the joint University/Ministry of Industry awareness workshops to educate fourth stage students to introduce and explain the steps of establishing the industrial project, his excellency named Professor Dr. Ghalib Idriss Atiyah, the Dean of the College of Education for Pure Science, who attended the meeting as the representer of our university in this alumni support campaign team.

For her part, Miss. Huda Kassem Khazahal thanked the Presidency of the University of Diyala for its interaction with and support mentioning that the campaign which was launched six years ago had resulted in the granting of 147 permits to establish an industrial project that supported the initiative of the President of the University in setting up joint awareness workshops. The workshops would be organized shortly. She also valued the students' graduation research and projects for ideas that could translate into successful industrial projects. The delegation included Ms. Nebras Abdul Sattar Abdul Jabbar from the Department of Industrial Development, the Graduate Support Division.