Sponsored by His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdul Sahib, the Faculty of Management and Economics of the University of Diyala holds its second international scientific conference on Tuesday the 15th of June 2021 under the slogan "With Economics We Rise" with broad international and regional participation.

At the opening session of the conference branded (International Economic Experiences: Content and lessons learned in the rehabilitation of the Iraqi economy) Dr.Abdel Monim Abbas Karim said: " This conference is part of the programs of the scientific conferences of the University of Diyala to discuss international economic experiences and how they can be used to rehabilitate the Iraqi economy, especially in the light of developments in the field of the world economy. We also value the efforts of the deanship to improve its scientific career especially the deliberate expansion of the study of the Higher Professional Diploma of Strategic Planning in order to strengthen the work of specialized administrative staff and the preparation of future scientific studies of government plans and programs. We wish the Conference the best and the best in producing recommendations that will give positive visibility to the reality of the Iraqi economy.

In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Dr. Mehdi Saleh Douai: The Conference,   is a qualitative contribution by our College in highlighting the Iraqi economy from the perspective of outstanding international experiences with a view to producing insights and recommendations consistent with its potential and assumed roles regionally and internationally. More than 90 papers were submitted to the Conference by various States, 78 of which have been accepted. It is hoped that 30 papers will be published in journals as part of the scientific curriculum.

The scientific sessions of the conference, attended by Dr. Haider Shaker Mezher the university president assistant for administrative affairs, and members of the University's Council, began with the presentation of three distinct research papers by Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Dagher on fiscal policy, while the second paper by Professor Taher Mahmoud Rashid Al-Ani addressed the overall indicators of the Iraqi economy in accordance with international benefits.

By the end of the opening session of the Conference, the University president honored the researchers participating in the Conference. In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics honored His Excellency for his efforts in overseeing the Conference.