Under the supervision of the university president and his scientific assistant, Our University launches the final in-class examinations for post-graduate students on Thursday the 15th of July In accordance with the timing and mechanisms established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Mr. President of the University, Dr. Abdul Monim Abbas Karim, said: were pleased to see our students perform their last successful test in their academic year, in which the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, represented by His Excellency Professor Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdul Sahib, took care to achieve scientific objectives and ensure the quality of education. Mr. President himself makes sure of the nature of the examination questions by asking the students how if it matches with the teaching and curriculum they have covered, as well as taking into consideration the individual differences and the appropriateness of the time limit for answering the number of questions it contained. He also blessed the efforts of faculty deanships, teachers, exam committees, and students who collaborate to make the examination successful.

In a related context, the University's Assistant for Scientific Affairs, Professor Dr. Amer Mohamed Ibrahim, visited the exam halls to follow up with the actions taken by the examination committees which guarantee the students' safety and the examination success, blessing their efforts. The examinations were carried out in the midst of strict safeguards, the most important of which was the achievement of social divergence, the sterilization of the exam halls, and the wearing of masks to ensure the safety of our students.