A research team from Diyala University obtained a patent from the Ministry of Planning's Central Evaluation and Quality Control System, which included Assistant Professor Dr. Rashwan Mohammad Jafar, Professor Maha Mohammad Saleh, and Dr. Mohand Kamel Shaker, for their design of an Analytical Platform Device for the kinetic behavior for the four-water swimming methods.

The research team showed that the device is a surveillance eye, which itself evaluates the swimmer's motor performance, and in real-time with high-resolution American-made COPRO digital cameras that transmit the image to a smart panel with kinetic analysis software which gives the angles their values compared to a performance criteria swimming model by the degree to which the values of these angles, expressed scientifically by Kinmanian variables, approach the degrees of the angles of the criteria and are all instantaneous. the invention was an achievement in measuring and testing motor behavior in swimming at the local and regional levels, all done digitally without the intervention of the human factor, which would contribute to increasing the credibility of scientific results.