On Sunday, 25th of July 2021, the University of Diyala announced the launch of the final examinations for primary students according to an integrated system of examinations (attendance and electronic) in accordance with the plan established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

During his tour checking the examinations halls, the university president, Dr. Abdel Monim Abbas Kerim, said "we stand in solidarity with our dear requests as they fulfill the latest requirements of the academic year, which the Ministry of Higher Education has been working to complete in accordance with the integrated system of health measures and to achieve social divergence by conducting in-house and electronic examinations simultaneously at the same college in order to preserve the health and safety of all.

His Excellency valued the safety procedures taken by of the colleges and examination committees,  and the high flow of the examinations, and the commitment and high sense of responsibility of the students to their future, despite all the challenges and circumstances surrounding them as a result of the Corona epidemic and high temperatures.

His Excellency had earlier stressed the need to cooperate with civil defense to clear classrooms on a daily basis, to emphasize college deanships to provide sanitizers, masks, and temperature meters, and urging students to take the vaccine, and conduct a scan to detect any potential infection. Also to continue to hold college council meetings to deal with emergencies in accordance with regulations and instructions.