The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdul Sahib, praised the efforts of the Presidency of the University of Diyala, represented by its President, Professor Dr. Abdel Monim Abbas Kerim, in pursuing the final examinations to ensure their alignment and success.

During his Excellency's online follow-up to the examinations at the University of Diyala, the Minster listened to the President of the University reviews of the main measures taken to ensure the success of the examinations and the safety of students. The most important of these was the rotation between the stages in the in-class and online examinations, to accommodate the numbers of students, to achieve social divergence, also the extension of the length of the examinations after the approval of the Ministry, to exclude flammable halls from service, as well as to direct all colleges to the importance of humanitarian and educational engagement, to take into account the general circumstances of students in the context of the epidemic, the high temperatures and to make every effort to provide an exam environment conducive to successThe Minister stressed the importance of tolerance and dealing humanely and academically in accordance with the objective criteria with any emergency since the circumstances which we are going through are exceptional. , wishing all exam holders success in their tasks.