On Sunday, the 8th of August 2021 His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdel Sahib, opened two student dormitory buildings, and the Annex building of the Cultural Centre and Al-Adallah Hall at the University of Diyala.

The visit was to uncover the scientific and physical realities of the University and to discuss ways to support it with the Governor of Diyala and her university leadership. His Excellency also commended the efforts of the University Presidency, represented by its President, Professor Abdel Monim Abbas Karim, and members of its Council, in recruiting resources for that achievement that serves social issues. He also stressed the importance of updating quality laboratory infrastructure, research centers, and green oases. In turn, the President of the University expressed to His Excellency the Minister his deep thanks and gratitude for his visit, which represented an extraordinary turning point in supporting the University through negotiating with the governor many plans to improve the university environment and to build its implementation. He also stressed that the University continues to play its active role in serving society by improving graduates capacities and placing them in the labor market and that every achievement is the result of the fruits of teamwork within an organizational structure based on teachers and associates who want the University to rise to the creative ladder.

For his part, Mr. Governor said that "the governorate Administration do value the University's status and its outstanding role in the service of society. We have therefore worked to open all channels of communication with the University and to continue to support it at all levels since it includes wise management and efficient education staff. We agree with the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research in the development of the University's infrastructure and those issues will be present at discussions on the financial allocations of the governorate.