On Tuesday 10th  of August 2021, the University Quality and Performance Assurance Council at the University Presidency held its first meeting session to discuss a number of issues listed on its agenda. During the meeting, Dr. Abdel Monem Abbas Kerim said: "Since the adoption of the strategy for higher dissemination by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, our university has paid tribute to publishers within the global databases because of the importance of this focus in upgrading the university's global rankings". His Excellency emphasized the continuity of this approach, which represents a serious attempt to support researchers and value their efforts to serve society.

The council discussed the working mechanism of the global publishing units developed in colleges and approved the assistance of teachers in translating research from Arabic into other languages through the translation offices located at the universityThe council also examined the statistical report for the evaluation of teachers and staff for the year 2019-2020 presented by the director of the Quality Assurance Section Dr. Arshid Adham Ahmad. The council stressed the importance of establishing a new evaluation mechanism by which honoring the outstanding staff, as well as approving a mechanism to be followed to implement the university strategic plan on timeThe working mechanism of the new Measurement and Evaluation Unit at the presidency of the university was discussed, in this context, the council recommended preparing for the evaluation of examination questions by experts and specialists in the field of measurement and evaluation.