Idris Ghalib Idris A master's student at the Faculty of Agriculture and in collaboration with Dr. Ghalib Idris Attiya from the Faculty of Education of Pure Science, get patented by the Central System for Evaluation and Quality Control for designing and manufacturing of a field and a laboratory control system for the development of earthworms, used in (vermicompost) production projects.

The system was characterized by low cost, easy programming through telephone and personal computer, and high flexibility in controlling the foundations' humidity and heat, and making them more accurate according to the medium used to control their heat and humidity, such as (sawdust, compost, non-decomposed plant residue, green mud, and glaze).

In addition, the system can operate 25-amp pumps and air conditioners with a working duration of 20 hours, and can also be used for orchards, home gardens, compost projects, and plastic houses.