A Faculty at the College of Engineering Mr. Sammy Ali Naoui had published a paper entitled: (Study the Effect of Adding Nanoparticles on the Mechanical Properties for Coolant Fluids) In the Journal of Engineering Design in Bulgaria, the study examined the effect of nanomaterials on car engine cooling fluids to improve certain specifications. The following nanomaterials (Al2O3) and (CuO) have been added to the cooling fluids used in the car radiator (radiator) and the results obtained from it have been compared with the basic nanomaterials free of nanomaterials. Good results have been obtained in terms of increasing the thermal load transmission factor as well as improving the efficiency of the liquid for cooling, which reduces the load on the pump. The process of using these oils contributes to the fuel economy where the weight, size, and shape of the radiator in the car is reduced as well as the air pollution.