The Child and Motherhood Research Centre at our University had conducted a training course which was presented to a number of OHCHR staff in Diyala province entitled "Methodology of scientific research and its utilization in writing research ". 

The course attended by the Director of the Centre, Dr. Aklas Ali Hussain, included six main axes: presentation of the problem, importance, and objectives of the research, presented by Dr. Asma Abdul Jabbar Salman, and an explanation of the theoretical framework and previous studies by DR. Furat Amin Majid and Asma Abbas. The third focus was on the methodology and procedures of the research, presented by Dr.Muaad Hamid Jassim. M. Wafa Qays Karim addressed the fifth axis, which clarified the mechanism for writing and documenting sources, and the sixth and final axis, in which M. Rasha Rokan Ismail provided information on the statistical information software and how to reconcile data during studies and research.