The Faculty of Education for the Pure Sciences had discussed the Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Genetic Patterns of Hepatitis Virus Pattern (b) and Pattern (c) Among Patients with Mediterranean Anemia and Kidney Failure." The study by Ansam Dawod Salman aimed at molecular detection of hepatitis B and C virus and their genetic patterning among high-risk people, thalassemia patients, dialysis, and blood donors compared with healthy people.

The study involved 360 participants, with an age rate of 3-69 years for the majority of males, the study community was divided into four groups, 90 patients with kidney failure who underwent dialysis, 90 patients with laboratory-confirmed thalassemia, 90 individuals with blood donors, and 90 individuals with a proper control group. The results revealed that the distribution of the hepatitis vaccine showed pattern B by sex, that females were higher than males, and rural ones higher than urban ones.