The Faculty of Education for the Human Sciences has discussed the A Ph.D. Dissertation:  "Statesmen and Management" in the book Arab huddle by Ibn Hazm Al Andalusi   456 1064 - Historical Study. The study which was presented by: Hussein Ali Kshakul, and supervised by Dr. Abdel Basset Abdul Razak Hussein, aimed at identifying statesmen and administrators in the book "The Arab Genealogy of Ibn Hazm Al Andalusi."

The study confirmed that Ibn Hazm is one of the most prominent scholars of Andalusia in particular, and of the Islamic nation in general and that his star shines in the sky of Andalusia. He's got his own doctrine which was called apparent doctrine.

The study showed that the establishment of the archives so-called (Diwan)was with the beginning of the era of Caliph Omar ibn Al-Khattab, the registration of the names of the soldiers, and the number of their grants. In the Umayyad era, what is known as the Arabization of Diwan, the Arabization of Money from Foreign Languages into Arabic, and the liberation of the Islamic Arab State economy from foreign monopoly.