In collaboration with Somer University’s Faculty of Basic Education, Al-Mugdad’s Continuing Education section had organized a webinar entitled (Quality of online learning under the circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic) which was presented by: Dr. Osman Saadun and Assistant Professor Raid Ramthan Tamimi.

The webinar emphasized the importance of using techniques in the educational processes in order to provide a strong curriculum suited to different scientific and human fields and to promote the use of innovative methods of education in an effort to improve the overall quality of education so that it has a strong, competitive base locally and globally.

The webinar addressed the advantages of online learning in providing face-to-face communication, thereby increasing the interaction between the student and the professor and the students themselves. In addition, it explained that the teacher's responsibility is concentrated in the diversity of his or her means to cover different students’ needs. For instance, the focus on speaking from his side throughout the course may be appropriate for auditory students, while it’s boring for visionaries and animators, and here the teacher needs to choose the right programs and applications to process a "combination" of educational materials that fit different patterns.