A book Entitled Curriculums Around the Text Contemporary Critical Reading was produced by Dr. Janan Khalifa Abbas a faculty at the Department of Arabic language at the Faculty of Education for the Human sciences. The book states that criticism has a firm presence in shaping the creative landscape as long as it performs a dual function in the first literary production by interacting with the literary achievement and the other in parallel with that creative achievement and bringing them together.   

The book included three selected critical approaches, the first of which was The Psychological Curriculum, which appears to be one of the most approaches related to literature, includes the Psychological Curriculum, Literature, and the Most Innovative Aspects of Critical Work. Second, The Social Curriculum, which dealt with the Social Curriculum, Literature and Social Theories in Literature. The Social Curriculum also studied factors and ideas, and the third one. The historical approach included the historical approach, literature, and the impact of historical theory in literature, and included the ideal concept, the physical concept of history, and historical value.