On Wednesday 24th of November 2021, the President of the University of Diyala, Dr. Abdel Monim Abbas Kerim, met with the Faculty of Basic Education to discuss the improvement of the educational and administrative process. His excellency valued the great efforts paid by researchers for the past two years in spite of the harsh circumstances that our country has been through.  His Excellency stressed the importance of sustaining the momentum of these efforts this year and fulfilling its requirements in accordance with the university calendar established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and called for holding conferences, seminars, workshops, and all events dealing with social issues on sound scientific bases. His excellency also highlighted the importance of publishing research papers in global journals especially SCOPUS. His excellency also listened to a number of proposals made by facilities to develop the course of the educational and administrative process promising to present them to the University Council to discuss the feasibility of implementing them.  For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education, Professor Abdul Rahman Nasser Rashid, expressed his gratitude to the President of the University for his interest in and follow-up to the College. Eventually, his Excellency wished all faculties success in their tasks as they enjoyed the blessing of health and well-being by committing themselves to vaccines and the application of safety measures against the epidemic.