The University Council of Diyala was established on the 20th of September 1999 with the Presidency of the University establishment, it is associated with the President of the University directly. The Council is headed by a staff member who is known as the Secretary of the University Council, who provides consultations, studies, and opinions on the various issues related to the University council meeting sessions in addition to his duties. The University Council consists of: The University President, The Administrative Assistant, The Scientific Assistant, and The Faculties Deans as well as the Council Secretary.

The university council is responsible for:

1. The council members' meeting session arrangements, documents, recommendations, and decisions.

2. To authentication of the faculty's meeting records and following up the implementation of their approved decisions and instructions.

3. To prepare the council meetings agenda and arranging the items to be discussed at the sessions.

The University Council Vision

The secretariat of the University Council seeks to be an outstanding department at the university to achieve this goal the university council works at having a solid partnership with the rest of the university departments, it also seeks to promote the scientific capacities of research and management of the university affiliates.

The University Council Message

The University Council secretariat continuously seeks to improve the quality of educational performance at various levels of science through a concrete partnership with the other institutions of our University, preparation of the required staff, genuine competition among its members, following contemporary global trends, and to subject it to an evaluation in accordance with global standards. In all its activities, the University Council secretariat is committed to establishing a set of values, namely, emphasis on the scientific and academic aspects and openness to the rest of Iraqi universities.

The University Council Objectives

In order to achieve the vision and mission of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the secretariat of the University Council is committed to working towards the following main objectives:

1. Preparation and training of scientific and administrative staff associated with scientific, cultural, and professional training for the public, private and mixed sectors.

2. Providing a comprehensive quality assurance framework which combines internal and external calendar.

3. Interacting with society, other departments and colleges of the University, Universities of Iraq, and institutions are relevant to the educational process through scientific and cultural cooperation with the faculties and departments of the University.

4. Continuous improvement of the academic, administrative and educational organization of the University.

5. Contribution to build an integrated learning environment for a society that is characterized by creativity and positive interaction within and outside the University.

The Secretary of the University Council CV

Full Name: Rashid Saadoun Mohamed Hassan al-Abadi

Nationality: Iraqi

Date of birth: 1975

Marital Status: married

Present Position: Secretary of the University Council

Date of employment: 2005

Phone: 07705860387



Ph.D. OF Arts / Water resources management/ university of Baghdad


Master of Arts/ Geography / University of Baghdad

B. Sc.

Bachelor of Arts/ Geography /University of Baghdad

Discretionary certificates: More than 30 ratings and participation certificates

Panel discussion: 7 panel discussions for master's theses and doctoral dissertation.

Research evaluation: over 15 scientific research.

Thanks and appreciation: More than 40 appreciation letter

Committee member: worked as a committee member at the university 50 times.

Postgraduate student supervision: Two MA students.

Workshops and seminars: More than 50

Published papers: 20 at international journals and conferences.

Book: One published book.

The University Council Members




Prof.Dr: Abdel Monem Abbas Karim

President of Diyala University

Prof. Dr: Haidar Shaker Mezher

Assistant President of Diyala University for administration Affairs.

Prof. Amer Mohammed Ibrahim

Assistant President of Diyala University for Scientific Affairs.

Prof.Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Latif

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Dr. Anees Abdullah Kazem

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

Prof.Dr. Ghaleb Idris Attia

Dean of the College of Education for Pure Sciences.

Dr.Omar Abdullah Al Kilani

Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences

Prof.Dr. Alaa Shaker Mahmoud

Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts

Prof. Dr.Khalifa Ibrahim Odeh,

Dean of the Faculty of Law.

Prof. Dr. Magda Hamid Kambesh

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.

Dr.Hassan Hadi Mustafa

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. Dr .Abdul Rahman Nasser Rashed

Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education

Prof. Dr.Naseef Jassem Mohammed,

Dean of the College of Education for Human sciences.

Prof. Dr. Tahseen Hussein Mubarak,

Dean of the Faculty of Science.

Prof. Dr. Talib Jawad Kazem

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof. Dr. Mahdi Salih Dawai

Dean of the Faculty of Management and economics

Dr.Ayad Hashim Mohammed

Dean of the Faculty of Education AL-Mugdad

Prof. Dr. Saleh Mehdi Saleh

Director of Childhood and Motherhood Research Center

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Javad Kazem

Representative of the teachers union

Dr.Rashid Saadoun al-Abadi

Secretary of the University Council