The Electronic Computer Centre is working on the documentation and updating of the University's scientific archives in accordance with an accurate scientific system based on the classification and classification of all activities of the University, its educational and scientific centers, its teaching and functional staff, the curricula adopted and the current and future plans.

In a very short period of time, the University of Diyala has been able to enter the field of information by engaging as many staff members and professors as possible through a special site of Diyala University, which is a gateway leads to all that has to do with the university day by day and through constant updating, the dissemination of research, seminars and conferences, the dissemination of scientific skills and the easy opening of a portal to communicate with the outside world.

The purpose behind designing this site is to put the University in line with other scientific and educational institutions. We have taken into account the design of the interface to reflect the identity of the University. We have also taken into account the ease of access to the University's website, which has had a very large number of photographs documenting the history, faculties, stages of the University's development from inception to the present.

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