Vision, Goals & Mission

The Vision

The University of Diyala is looking to achieve excellence among Arab and international universities. It also wants to be a leading university in the field of higher education and scientific research.

The Message:

The University of Diyala wants to be excellence in providing higher education services to meet the needs of the local, regional, and international community. Also, it contributes effectively and permanently to the achievement of social and economic development in Iraq. The mission of the university is achieved through adherence to international standards of excellence in the fields of education, research and community service, and the development of human and financial resources for the university.

The Goals:

1. Provides a distinctive education to contribute to the preparation of human beings' resources.

2. Provides a comprehensive quality assurance framework that combines internal and external calendars.

3. Develops scientific research and higher studies in various disciplines

4. Building a genuine partnership with the local, Arab and international community in the way of holding lectures, courses, seminars, and conferences related to the process in the form of scientific cooperation

5. Continuing improvement of the academic, administrative, and educational organization of the university.

6. Contributes to building an integrated learning environment, preparation of studies and scientific, technical, and organizational consultations to serve the university for the public, private, and mixed sectors.

7. Establishing the infrastructure of the e-government project in the Ministry of Higher Education.