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The university library is among the cultural facilities that play a prominent role in improving the university level through the development of scientific research. On the other, it depends on the developments known through their functions and their work over time. Initially, the library placed to preserve intellectual production and put it at the disposal of researchers and beneficiaries for each level of education to be compatible with the changes of the age. It has become an active, living, renewable cell and a special center for information conservation, organization, analysis, and dissemination at the university level.

The Central Library created since established of Diyala University in 1999 and is currently in the simple building. It looks forward to completing the great project of the new central library building. While the President of the University was keen to follow directly to achieve this project within record time, where it consists of four giant floors. After completion, it is possible to provide any information and research services to beneficiaries and researchers from primarily a student and postgraduate students (Master and Ph.D.) and university professors.

The Central Library of the University includes the Director of the Central Library, the Assistant Director of the Central Library and four departments, as follows:

First: Technical Procedures department: This division is concerned with all procedures related to the sources of information as well as the administrative works of the library and includes a number of units as follows:

1. Administrative Affairs Unit: It handles the administrative functions of the official communications of the library and the procedures of clearance and other administrative work.

2. Supply Unit: The task of studying the need of researchers from different sources of information and forms to buy all the sources that identified.

3. The Cataloging and Classification Unit: The task of indexing and cataloging all the holdings of the central library after purchasing them and making them available to researchers and beneficiaries.

4. Unit Exchange and Pledge: This unit handles all the books and other materials that donated to the Central Library.

5. Services Unit: which cleans the central library including floors, student seats and reading tables, as well as health care.

Second: Beneficiary Services Division: which is specialized in providing information services to the beneficiaries to achieve their optimal use and includes several units as follows:

1. Loan Unit: which organizes the office identities of the beneficiaries so that they can borrow any book from the library according to official controls and procedures.

2. Periodicals Unit: which indexes and organizes all scientific journals within and makes them available to researchers through the work of indexes and abstracts for research published in them.

3. The Unit of the University Letters: The mission of receiving the messages is the approved university thesis in the faculties of Diyala University, organizing it and making it available on the shelves for the beneficiaries and researchers.

4. Reproduction Unit: This unit provides reproduction services at very nominal prices for all books and collectibles that are not allowed to remove from the central library.

Third: automated systems department: This Division is responsible for working on the preparation of electronic catalogs and retrieval systems according to the established office systems and programs and keeping abreast of the scientific developments in this field, as well as receiving the electronic messages in electronic form, which completed inside and outside the university.

Fourth: Continuing Education department: This department prepares and distributes many workshops and training courses for the staff of the central library and the libraries of faculties according to the latest developments in the library, which make the employee processions of the Finally can be provided libraries of information and office services. Semi-annual Abstracts of Letters and Notes Completed First Half of 2017. Semi-Annual Abstracts of Letters and Notes Completed Second Half of 2016.

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