Definition and Organizational Structure of the University


Information about the university



Name of the government unit

Diyala university


Place its administration

Diyala - Baqouba – Al- Mouradia


Date of establishment



University law

1. Law of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (40) of 1988 updated.

2. University Service Law No. (23) for the year 2008 updated.

3. Civil Service Law No. (24) of the year 1960 update.

4. State employees' salaries and the public sector No. (22) for the year 2008.


The nature of its activity and specialization

Scientific - human - educational - research - service


The number of locations and configurations follow it

1. Al-Mouradia which includes ( The President of the University office - Administrative Assistant for Administrative Affairs office – Scientific Assistant for Scientific Affairs - Faculty of Education for Human Sciences - Faculty of Education Pure Sciences - Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science - Faculty of Science - Faculty of Medicine -Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Faculty of Agriculture - Faculty of Islamic Science).

2. AL-Quds which includes ( Faculty of Engineering - Faculty of Law and Political Science).

3. Baquba AL-Jadida which includes ( Faculty of fine arts- Faculty of Administration and Economics).

4. Al-Mustafa neighborhood (Faculty of Basic Education).

5. Al-Muqdadiya which includes (Faculty of Education Al- Muqdad).

The Organizational Structure of the Diyala University and other units follow for him (Click here)