The University of Diyala was found on the 18th of September 1999 it is a medium-sized university that will contain about 12000 students after the completion of all its service facilities. It is considered the most important scientific and cultural center in the governorate. Colleges of Engineering, Education, and Basic Education have previously established then the establishment of Diyala University came out of an urgent need for the establishment of a scientific center first to absorb the student momentum flow to Baghdad universities. Secondly, promoting the scientific and cultural progress in the governorate, and accommodating the increasing numbers of students in the governorate, as well as accommodating arrivals from neighboring governorates, students from distant governorates, and Arab students. In addition to the importance of the city of Baquba as an expansionist center for Baghdad has made it a focal point of commercial and population polarization, which has required the establishment of a scientific and academic center that meets the requirements of future development.

The University has an ambitious agenda and is looking forward to establishing faculties of computers, languages, literature, and pharmacy in the future. In this vein, a full and sufficient study has been prepared for the future expansion of the University by the University Engineering Advisory Office.